Children are born. Parents are made.

Having a child doesn’t instantly prepare you to be a parent. All of us could use a little help. The Connected Family approach equips you to handle parenting (and life) challenges in a way that makes you feel supported instead of judged.

Here's how it works:



It’s crucial for parents to have a therapeutic outlet for all the pressure they’re under. So we’ll help you share your challenges with other parents. Then show you how to let go of internalized frustrations that can sabotage your parenting. You’ll begin to be more present to what is happening in each moment with your child. So you can handle their meltdowns, instead of having one yourself.



Smart parents understand how their child thinks. So we’ll teach you about child development and neuroscience. This gives you insight into how your child perceives and reacts to your parenting. And it grounds everything you do in a foundation of clarity and common sense. 



Next, we’ll teach you simple, effective parenting skills and communication tools. We’ll show you when and how to use them — and how to integrate them into your busy life. So you’ll have a proven framework you can lean on to transform your relationships with your children.



Once you receive the compassionate support you need and build skills in patient, present, positive parenting, you’re able to shift the ways you respond to your children’s most challenging behaviors. And begin to nurture deep connections with your children that last a lifetime.