The Connected Family wants to help you to live, work and parent true to what matters most to you.

Coaching is one of the fastest ways to make personal change.  It's different from therapy.  In therapy, you talk a lot about your past, trying to understand why you feel the way you do because of your childhood; to understand how you get stuck in the ruts you get stuck in. 

Coaching looks more to the future and instead of analyzing and spending so much time in the past, empowers you with mindset shifts and action-oriented tools to move you from where you are now to the future you most want for yourself and those you care about.

  • Do you want to feel less overwhelmed, and more focused on the priorities that mean the most to you?
  • Do you want to contribute to the world doing work you love, with a lifestyle that allows you quality time for family, friends and interests?
  • Do you want to have a marriage that feels connected, respectful and collaborative, and raise kids together, truly unified, satisfied and confident in the decisions you make together?
  • Do you want to let go of all the ways your community is telling you you "should" be parenting your kids, and align your parenting to the values you hold most dear, even if they're different from those around you?
  • Do you want to enjoy parenting, and have more fun in your life?  (You've worked hard to get where you are, and you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor)!

We can help you make these shifts, and many more!  Sign up today for a completely free session and get support to live, work and parent true to what matters most to you.

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