Kiran has worked with low income communities for much of her career as an educator and feels connected to the people and families living in low income areas in the Bay Area and beyond.

She has decided to donate 20% of The Connected Family's earnings to non-profits she admires for making a difference in the lives of children and families living in poverty.  The following is a list of non-profits she donates to and considers partners in creating connected families for all children to thrive.

  • Hand in Hand Parenting, Palo Alto

  • Girls to Women, East Palo Alto

  • Bayview Child Health Center, Bayview Hunter’s Point, San Francisco

Kiran also offers scholarship spaces in her 6 Week Connected Parenting Call-In Classes so that parents with lower incomes can still learn these invaluable tools. Please call Kiran at (650) 308-9425 if you or another parent you know would like to apply for a scholarship to take one of her Connected Parenting Call-In classes.