Top 3 Ways To Connect with Your Child Today!

1. Stay Connected to Yourself 

Instead of using social media to numb out or tune out from yourself and your actual life, put the phones and screens away for 30 minutes per day to actively connect with yourself.  This can include meditation, journaling, painting, writing stories, yoga, a walk in nature.  Take some time everyday to let your thoughts and worries go, to purposefully get away from screens, and tune back into who you really are.  The more you do this, the more available you are to tune in to your kids.  And the less you model a dependence on social media or technology for entertainment and self-distraction, the less your children will grow up to have the need to do the same.

2. Play Physically

Chasing our kids around the house telling them you’re gonna get them, giving them a chariot ride on a blanket that scoots along the floors for a thrilling, fast ride, letting them get up for a horsey or piggy back ride, throwing a ball or getting out there on the court to really play basketball with them:  all of these physically active, playful ways of engaging with our kids really boosts them emotionally and quickly deepens our connection with them.

3. Tell Stories About Your Own Life

Kids want to know what it was like for you to do the things they are learning to do and figure out.  Tell as many stories as you can about your own upbringing and childhood.  Your kids should know who your grandparents were, where you went to school and how you got there, your favorite teacher, when you learned to ride a bike, when your first crush was and on who, who took you to your first dance, where you vacationed with your family, the books you loved as a child, how your friends were at various ages, their names, etc.  All these details help your child to feel close to you by sharing an intimate knowledge of your life, and  knowing about your life helps your children to make choices in their own lives.