Family Game Night and Game Gift Ideas!


Have you ever felt yourself in a rut when it comes to spending time with your kids?  How about incorporating a family game night into your weekly routine to turn the blahs into belly laughs and get the connections going? In our family, with a 2.5 and 5.5 year old, we have recently gotten into playing Snakes and Ladders and Ludo.  Our girls can play matching games together with ease.  There are many classic as well as new games which will have kids of any age bonding and rolling with laughter in no time.

Many of us did not have this habit or tradition growing up, so it may at first not come to you as a natural idea, but once you get going and really get into different games together, all of you will be looking forward to game night as a highlight of your week!

Try remembering what if any were your favorite games growing up.  I remember long summer afternoons playing Go Fish, Spoons, Yahtzee and more physical games like Kick Ball and Capture the Flag.  Have you tried introducing your favorite childhood games to your kids?  There's no time like today to get started!

Many parents these days wonder if video games and app-based games count.  I encourage families to let go of the technological aspect of gaming for a while and focus on face-to-face, traditional games to build the bond.  Once you're in a regular weekly game night habit, you can look to things like Wii or apps to add variety, but it's not necessary to rely on tech-based games to create positive family traditions.

For an extensive list of games that are new, old school, top notch and organized by children's ages, please click the link below.  Games make the best Holiday and birthday gifts - the gifts that keep on giving!