UME Play Space: Fun for the Whole Family!

Kiran Gaind Parenting Coach in Palo ALto UME
Kiran Gaind Parenting Coach in Palo ALto UME

When I first had my second daughter, I was staying at home with her and often had full days of care for both she and her older sister who was about 3 years old.  As many Moms can relate, I often felt overwhelmed with sleep deprivation and their un-synced schedules for eating, play and naps.  I often was feeling stir crazy being in the house. UME Play Space in Menlo Park became a haven for me during that first year of my transition to being a Mom of two kids.  It was perfect.  I could go there and be completely comfortable sitting on the floor breastfeeding when the baby needed it, while her older sister was happy as could be playing on the trampoline, shopping in the grocery store, cooking at the toy kitchens or making art in the studio.  I also could order myself a carmel macchiatto and organic snacks and lunch for everyone at a reasonable price.  We often spent many hours here until the baby had to nap - we all were so much happier than if we had stayed home.

I've attended great birthday parties at UME as well where parents organized supervised activites, brought in great food spreads, and where happy birthday was sung in the back room which was expertly decorated for the occasion.

Every day, UME offers a schedule of activities to people who come through its doors.  There can be storytime in the library, an art activity in the art room, structured play activities in the gymnastics space and outdoor activities on the back porch, all included for free in the price of admission.

In the winter time when neighborhood parks are not really an option, UME is an awesome space to bring kids aged 0-7.  It is a huge space where kids can run around, get their energy out jumping on the trampoline and engage their creative side doing art.  Plus the cafe served delicious, healthy food and great coffee, and there are plenty of plug outlets lining the wall near windows overlooking the play space so parents can get work done while their kids play.

UME is also now offering lots of summer camps for preschool through middle school aged kids.  They also offer an impressive list of parent education classes, including my Parenting by Connection 6 week class.  Visit their site to see all their parent ed, camp and activities offerings.  There seems to be something for everyone offered!

So the next time you're looking to get out of the house and enjoy some fun for the entire family, check out UME Play Space in Menlo Park and have a blast!