Raising a family is the most important job you’ll ever have.
It’s also the most demanding. The pressure to be perfect can be overwhelming.
Yet, nobody sent you to college to learn how to master it.  Our modern families juggle work, school, activities, technology, relationships...struggling to get enough sleep, much less stay connected in an increasingly disconnected world.

What if there were a method to the madness?  You're in the right place.
Staying connected in a disconnected world is what The Connected Family is all about.



Create a Connected Family Culture.  Lead Your Family to 21st Century Success.

Parents are leaders.  They run organizations at home (aka, families).  They build teams that either win or leave something to be desired.  A family needs a mission statement as much as any corporation, non profit or school.  Prioritizing your values, executing your mission, reflecting on your family culture and problem solving to move forward make you a great parent.  How you respond to moments of conflict, need, and teachable moments builds trust or results in disconnection.  Many of the same skills you use at work, you use at home, and vice versa. 

Your kids are watching YOU. 

Show them what it means to truly connect, trust, build a strong team and succeed, together.



Kiran Gaind is a mother of two young girls.    She's experienced all the emotions modern parents understand, from isolation and overwhelm to the most exquisite tenderness and joy.  She appreciates her modern parenting journey as truly transformational. 

Prior to motherhood, Kiran was a teacher leader in the Gates Foundation's small school redesign of San Francisco's Mission High School, which was supported by Stanford University's School Redesign Network.  Because of her role in this successful school redesign which tripled the number of students getting into four year colleges, Kiran was hired as a project manager in Austin's Office of Redesign, implementing a Gates Foundation-funded and Stanford-supported redesign of all 14 of Austin's high schools.  Kiran then went on to achieve breakthrough results as a school turnaround coach for urban elementary principals in San Jose, CA, as a consultant and coach with Partners in School Innovation. 

In her life and career after kids, Kiran certified as an integral life/leadership coach at New Ventures West and trained in Parenting by Connection with Hand in Hand Parenting so she could offer skilled support to fellow modern parents making their own transformations. 

Her clients value her knowledgeable and intuitive parenting guidance, her present, deep listening skills and compassionate, results-oriented coaching support as they create clarity, consistency and confidence in how they live, work and parent, true to what matters most.

Kiran offersone-on-one private coaching and group presentations. Private coaching is offered by phone, via video or face-to-face in her Palo Alto home office or on walk and talk sessions in a loved, local park.  Read more about Kiran...


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Customized, one-on-one coaching programs to support you in creating the life, career and family you desire.   Modules include The Connected Self, The Connected Couple, The Connected Career, The Connected Parent, and more.  Private coaching is offered by phone, via video, face-to-face in our Palo Alto office or on walk and talk sessions in a loved, local park.  Click to read more about this offering and to schedule a free session to explore if private coaching is the right fit for you to make the changes you most want.


Creating Cultures of CARE at Home, Work & School.

For parents, workplace leaders, educators.  Learn about Kiran's model called CARE which teaches brain science, mindfulness, interaction design, CAREful conversations so leaders at home, work & school can master the art and science of cultures that create the chance for everyone to succeed and thrive.